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This section contains the Exhibit Layout and the Drayage Instructions

If you have more than 2 Exhibitor Attendees, then click here to add

Exhibit Layout

CTMA 2024 exhibitor booth

The exhibits are 6 ' x 10' with pipe and drape,

6' table and two chairs

exhibitor setup 060624.jpg
Booth Assignments 060624.jpg


The booth layouts will be set up for 25, if we have more/less then they may be arranged differently.  This will be updated as the exhibitors select the available booths.  I will be updating the layout as I get information from the Marriott Savannah.

event management

Drayage Instructions

Vendor and Exhibitor Information

HostSouth will be the vendor for booth setup and setting your display equipment by your booth

If you have any questions please email me at

Freight Forwarding and Storage

HostSouth - Event Services & Equipment will be handling the freight delivered to the hotel from exhibitors.  The contractual order form is noted below and may be downloaded

Don't address any freight to the hotel and they are not set up to accept and distribute to the booths.

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